Champtek was founded in 1985 with headquarter located in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

О компании

Champtek is a leading total solutions provider and producer of kiosks, Auto-ID and RFID. Our product portfolio is one of the broadest in the AIDC industry, providing high quality total solutions and prefect after-sales technology service, with sales and service points in Europe, America, and Asia.

Since the company was founded, our target has always thought globally, act locally. We have never limited ourselves to Taiwan or any specific region. In addition, we realized that barcode industry has no national boundaries, and that to be competitive our products must be available worldwide.

Champtek currently owns two brands, including ’Champtek’ and ’Scantech ID’, and provide the total solutions to meet the variety of customers’ needs. Champtek offers innovative solutions for a full range of applications in the retail, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, education, government and healthcare industries.

Furthermore, Champtek strives to build deep and enduring relationship with our customers, who trust and rely on us to be part of their success over the long term. We always create win-win situations for our customers by making continuous cutting edge innovative R&D, and forward-looking product design and solution.

In the future, Champtek would aim to be most advanced and trusted technology provider in AIDC industry. Moreover Champtek is building customer satisfaction through top level product quality and continous improvement of the service offered to our customers.

Продукция компании CHAMPTEK


  • SK50
  • SG15 plus
  • SK40

Настольные сканеры

  • NOVA N-4070
  • NOVA N-4060
  • LIBRA L-7080i
  • LIBRA L-7050
  • PAVO P-3060
  • SIRIUS S-7030
  • MICA M-9080i
  • MICA M-9030
  • ORION O-3050
  • POLLUX P-4010
  • CASTOR C-5010

Ручные имидж-сканеры штрих-кода

  • SG700
  • SG700BT
  • SG600
  • SG600BT
  • V-1010
  • V-1010BT
  • SG300
  • SG300BT
  • SD700
  • SG100
  • SD500
  • SD320
  • SD120

Ручные лазерные сканеры штрих-кода

  • LG710
  • LG710BT
  • LG700
  • LG700BT
  • LG610
  • LG610BT
  • LG300
  • LG300BT
  • LG100
  • V-1040
  • V-1040BT
  • V-1030
  • V-1030BT

Ручные фото-сканеры

  • IG710BT
  • IG700
  • IG610
  • IG610BT
  • IG300
  • IG300BT
  • V-1020BT
  • V-1020
  • IG620

Встраиваемые и мини-сканеры

  • M-9080i
  • M-9030
  • MCR14
  • MCR12
  • FI300
  • FI310
  • FS300
  • FS310

Считыватели магнитных карт

  • MMR
  • MBR
  • BR300
  • BR800
  • MR300
  • MR800

Портативные сканеры-ручки штрих-кода

  • WD100
  • WD200
  • WD300


RFS100 RFT200 RFR400 RFT500 RFR100