Sam4S is the trading name of Korean company, Shin-Heung Precision Co Ltd, a former division of electronic giant, Samsung.

Based in Seoul, they bring over 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of POS (point of sale) and ECR (electronic cash register) solutions to over 60 countries across the world, their focus being on the provision of high quality products manufactured with inbuilt flexibility and functionality. Designed to meet the demands of their diverse client base in the retail, hospitality and service sectors, they have remained committed to their founding principal to keep pace with the rapidly changing trading requirements of their EPOS customers.

They aim to deliver them sophisticated and innovative technology integrated within robust and effective point of sale solutions. This enables them to enjoy optimum productivity and efficiency in their day to day operations.

The Sam4S umbrella incorporates a dedicated marketing team who oversee the planning, research and analysis of industry and customer intelligence.

This information allows them to create a relevant and strategic marketing plan for the company who are then provided with the capability to develop and target their products more effectively to their global marketplace.

An overseas sales division are in place to offer support to their worldwide distribution network through the qualified analysis of customer research, sales predictions and data collation and reporting. The opportunity for driving sales is provided through the establishment of sales lead generation and the alliance of partnerships between the distribution arm of the company and potential clients.

A strong emphasis is put on the research and development team who are responsible for the creation of the latest technological applications in EPOS based solutions derived from the results of their extensive market research and analysis.

The dedicated software division is devoted to the development of custom made programmes for multi-application use.

The hardware division has responsibility for the development of the range of new and innovative products under manufacture to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Продукция компании Sam4S

Сенсорные POS-терминалы

Сенсорные POS-мониторы

Мониторы встраиваемые

Чековые принтеры

Считываетли магнитных карт

Дисплеи покупателя

  • Дисплей покупателя Sam4s для SPT-4000/4700, RS232, черный, встраиваемый (QCD-S4V202)
  • Дисплей покупателя Sam4s для SPT-7000, RS232, черный, встраиваемый (QCD-S7V202)