Sinocan (С апреля 2016 года - Zall Fintech Co.,Ltd) is a rapidly growing Chinese business information total solution provider, while delivering trusted turn-key solution hardware, applications, and customer service support. Sinocan was founded in 2007, as an OEM/ODM touch screen product design and manufacturing company. Due to our tremendous success, we have realigned our focus towards a business information total solution provider.

Company Overview

С апреля 2016 года Sinocan переименован: Zall Fintech Co.,Ltd.

As the largest touch screen products manufacturer in China, Sinocan’s Shenzhen and Shenyang campus stretches a total of 61,500m2. Sinocan employs internationally expert professionals, our R&D team includes members from Canada, Taiwan and China, with specializations in IT products such as: Touch POS terminals, POS Scale, Tablet POS, Mini-Box PC, Touchscreen Monitors, Open Frame Monitors, Interactive Kiosks, Industrial Panel PC, Digital Signage and POS Peripherals. Sinocan’s products are all touch screen ready, options include; Resistive, Capacitive, IR and SAW touch.

Our equipped modernized dust-proof factories, allow Sinocan to operate with an annual production capacity of 1 million units. Sinocan guarantees full-integration with supply chain management, build-to-order and configure-to-order, final assembly, materials management, production value-added, and logistics services.

Sinocan has established branch offices in Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, and USA. Sinocan’s long-term cooperation with distributors and OEM/ODM global partners, have made it possible to reach our renowned high customer satisfaction rates. We provide our customers with the fastest and most direct support through local and high ROI accessible channels, by offering 24/7 customer service.

Продукция компании Sinocan

Сенсорные POS-терминалы с одним экраном

Сенсорные POS-терминалы с двумя экранами

Сенсорные POS-терминалы, комплекты

  • ПТК СПАРК-115К.0
  • ПТК СПАРК-115
  • ПТК SPARK-TT-2070.1
  • ПТК SPARK-TT-2070.2

Сенсорные POS-мониторы


  • SPARK-LM-2015.2WW
  • SPARK-LM-2012.1W
  • SPARK-LM-2012.2W
  • SPARK-LM-2012.2WS

Принтеры чеков

Денежные ящики

Дисплеи покупателя

  • SPARK-PD-2000.1SI
  • SPARK-PD-2000.2SI
  • SPARK-PD-2001.1S
  • SPARK-PD-2001.2S
  • SPARK-PD-2001.1U
  • SPARK-PD-2001.2U

Программируемые клавиатуры

  • SPARK-KB-2078.1P
  • SPARK-KB-2078.2P

Считыватели магнитных карт