Star Micronics

Over the past three decades, Star Micronics America has established itself as a leading supplier of small printers, audio components, high-precision machine tools, and precision parts to the American market and established itself as one of the most innovative companies in its target industries.

The History of Star Micronics America

Star Micronics America was established in 1976 to bring the innovation of our parent company to the United States. Over the course of the past 30 years, we have established ourselves as one of the leading Point of Sale (POS) printer companies in America, providing customers with truly innovative products that address the needs of the POS market. Also, we have enjoyed strong growth by developing superior audio components for the automotive, communications, and medical markets,” said Takayuki “Blues” Aoki, president of Star Micronics America.

Star Micronics America has grown from a single office in New York, NY to a national company with regional offices throughout the United States supporting its North American headquarters in Edison, NJ. The key to its growth is remaining committed to its core values – providing exceptional customer service that complements a full-line of high quality innovative printers for the POS market as well as audio components.

Over the past three decades, business has changed and Star Micronics America has maintained pace and leadership through innovation. The printer business has seen strong growth, due to product innovation. Star Micronics introduced the first thermal printer – the TSP300 – in 1992, and followed that up two years later with the TSP400, the industry’s first label printer. In the past two years, Star has introduced the TSP800RX, a dedicated and secure prescription printer that addresses the concerns of hospitals, medical doctors, and EMR vendors, as well as the TSP100 futurePRNT™ POS printer with WHQL certification from Microsoft®.

Продукция компании Star Micronics

Чековые принтеры

Настольные принтеры

  • SP298MD
  • SP298MC
  • SP298MD GRY
  • SP298MC GRY
  • SP542M w/o I/F
  • SP542M w/o I/F GRY
  • SP542MC
  • SP542MD
  • SP542MC GRY
  • SP542MD GRY
  • SP542MU
  • SP542MU GRY
  • SP712M w/o I/F
  • SP712M w/o I/F GRY
  • SP712MC
  • SP712MD
  • SP712MC GRY
  • SP712MD GRY
  • SP712MU
  • SP712MU GRY
  • TSP654II w/o I/F
  • TSP654II w/o I/F GRY
  • TSP654II w/o I/F + интерфейс IF-STAR-USB&LAN
  • TSP654II w/o I/F GRY + интерфейс IF-STAR-USB&LAN
  • TSP654IIC
  • TSP654IID
  • TSP654II w/o I/F + интерфейс IF-STAR-03 (COM, RS-232 25 pin)
  • TSP654II w/o I/F GRY + интерфейс IF-STAR-03 (COM, RS-232 25 pin)
  • TSP654IIU
  • TSP743 II w/o I/F
  • TSP743 II w/o I/F GRY
  • TSP743 II w/o I/F + интерфейс IF-STAR-USB&LAN
  • TSP743 II w/o I/F GRY + интерфейс IF-STAR-USB&LAN
  • TSP743C II
  • TSP743D II
  • TSP743 II w/o I/F + интерфейс IF-STAR-03 (COM, RS-232 25 pin)
  • TSP743U II
  • TSP743C II GRY
  • TSP743D II GRY
  • TSP743 II w/o I/F GRY + интерфейс IF-STAR-03 (COM, RS-232 25 pin)
  • TSP743U II GRY
  • TSP143IIU
  • TSP143LAN
  • TSP847II w/o I/F
  • TSP847II w/o I/F GRY
  • TSP847II w/o I/F + интерфейс IF-STAR-USB&LAN
  • TSP847II w/o I/F GRY + интерфейс IF-STAR-USB&LAN
  • TSP847IID
  • TSP847IIC
  • TSP847IIU
  • FVP10U
  • FVP10U GRY

Аксессуары к принтерам

  • Модуль STAR WIFI POWER PACK (DK-USB, для принтеров STAR с LAN-интерфейсом)
  • Плата IF-STAR-USB&LAN (TSP700/800/650/TUP500) (USB + Ethernet)
  • Плата IF-STAR-03 (TSP700/800/650/TUP500) RS232
  • Плата IF-STAR-04 (TSP600/SP500/TUP900/HSP7000) RS232
  • Плата IFBD-HU07 USB для принтеров серии STAR 700II
  • Зарядное устройство авт.CAR CHARGER SM-S/T MOBILE
  • Аккумулятор BATTERY PACK T3 MOBILE
  • Плечевой ремень SHOULDER STRAP T301 MOBILE
  • Модуль Asura MSR & BCR Module
  • Штатив Standard Display Pole Asura
  • Доп.крепление Additional Display Mount Asura
  • Держатель A3 Graphics Disply Holder Asura (для рекламы)
  • Крышка Battery Cover for Display Asura
  • Блок питания PW-060А (Power-Win Technology Corp.)
  • (24V / 2.5А 60W MAX)
  • Блок питания YS50 (24V / 2.5А 60W MAX)
  • Картридж RC-7KB Black (STAR Micronics) (use on HSP7000)
  • Картридж RC700BR, BLACK/RED, (STAR Micronics) (use on SP712/742)
  • Картридж LI STAR SP700, RC700 черно/красный
  • (Lasting Impressions) (use on SP712/742)
  • Картридж SP200, фиолет.(Lasting Impressions), (use on SP212,298,2000,512,542,SCP700,SP200 mechs)
  • Кабель нуль-модемный 9(f)-25(m)


  • TUP992
  • TUP942
  • TUP592
  • TUP592 + интерфейс IF-STAR-USB&LAN

Гибридные принтеры

Мобильные принтеры

  • SM-S201-DB39 Black
  • SM-S301-DB38 Black
  • SM-S401-DB38 Black
  • SM-S220I-DB40 Black
  • SM-T301-DB50 Orange
  • SM-T301-DB50 Gray
  • SM-T301-DW50 Orange
  • SM-T301-DW50 Gray
  • SM-T300-DB50 Orange
  • SM-T300-DB50 Gray
  • SM-T300-DW50 Orange
  • SM-T300-DW50 Gray
  • SM-T400I-DB50 Black
  • SM-T404I-DB50 Black
  • SM-T300I-DB50 Black
  • SM-T301I-DB50 Black