Paper media in a variety of forms, such as tickets, labels and receipts, are indispensable to today’s businesses.

For over 80 years, CITIZEN has been a trusted and reliable source of finished products and components in the watch, information, electronic, industrial and jewelry categories. The Citizen group of companies and its 17,000+ employees strive as a global leader in miniaturization and precision technology, to carve out new product possibilities for our customers. Citizen Systems develops and markets Citizen healthcare devices, point-of-sale printers, industrial printing solutions, barcode label printers, portable thermal and serial matrix printers.

Citizen Systems has responded to these needs by creating various printer products tailored to specific business requirements. The range includes built-in printers for POS cash registers and compact measuring equipment, business-use printers, portable color printers and mobile terminal printers. We provide a wide variety of solutions that optimize "miniaturization and refinement, " "superior reliability," and "ease of use." In shops, factories, hospitals and distribution businesses... Our technologies are thriving across a broad spectrum of daily life and business environments.

Продукция CITIZEN

Принтеры чеков

Настольные принтеры этикеток

Коммерческие принтеры этикеток

Мобильные принтеры

Печать билетов



  • PMU2200II
  • PMU2300II
  • PMU2300III
  • PPU-700II


  • DP-330
  • DP-331 / 332
  • DP-624
  • DP-630
  • DP-654 / DP-657
  • DP-730
  • LT-2220
  • LT-2221 / LT-2221C
  • LT-2320
  • LT-2321 / LT-2321C
  • LT-281
  • LT-286
  • LT-481
  • MD-910 / MD-911
  • MLT-288
  • MLT-289
  • MLT-388
  • MLT-389
  • MLT4280 /4280K
  • MLT4281
  • Серия DP-61X


  • CBM-920II
  • CT-P291
  • CT-P293